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 New Arrivals 
1.   Montana V3
2.   Maine V3
3.   Minnesota V3

1. Hawaii Complete State - Special $5 Edition
2. Florida Complete State
3. California Complete State
4. Ultra-Res Cities - Los Angeles & San Diego
5. Switzerland Complete Country
6. Ireland Complete
7. Oregon Complete State
8. Maryland Complete State
9. Ultra-Res Cities - Baltimore/Washington DC
10. Virginia Complete State
11. Rhode Island Complete State
12. England & Wales Complete Country
13. North Carolina Complete State
14. Florida 4X
15. Georgia Complete State

  Ordering & Installation
Ordering MegaSceneryEarth PhotoScenery On Demand For Microsoft Flight Simulator X Is Easy!

Check our Pricing Page for the pricing structure.



We accept the following methods of payment:

We also accept checks and money orders (See section below ordering by mail)

You credit card is charged live when you complete the checkout process and your order is instantly downloadable upon successful processing of your payment.

Please note that our site is fully secure (SSL/https://) and also note that your credit card number is not stored on this or any server and is deleted immediately upon placement of your order.

1. Select your area of choice from the main map or the areas menu on the left or use the search box to locate your favorite areas.

2. When you are in the product page, select Instant Download or you can select DVD Master to be sent to you by mail.

3. When you have selected all the areas you wish to purchase, complete the checkout process.

4. You will be e-mailed your invoice and download links. Simply click on the links to download your scenery. Your download link will remain active permanently. Please keep that link confidential.

5. If you ordered DVD Disc Set please allow 7 to 14 days (14 to 28 days outside the USA) to receive your DVDs. You can download your order in the meantime if you wish to use your MegaSceneryEarth scenery immediately.

Ensure that you configure any spam blockers to allow e-mail from megasceneryearth.com or you might not receive your download links by e-mail

If you didn't receive your download links, you can always login to your account and download from your orders history link

If you did not order a DVD backup, please ensure you make your own backup for convenience or see your order download link for how to order a disc set after you completed your order and didn't choose disk set.

REFUND POLICY: All sales are absolutely final. No refunds or returns unless the reason was due to an error on our part. For this reason, we ask that you ensure that you choose carefully when you are ordering. All MegaSceneryEarth products are technically sound and guaranteed to work on any system capable of and properly running Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

While you can use any browser to download your scenery, e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, using a download manager will help improve the reliability of your downloads. In the event that your download is interrupted, you will be able to resume your download. You can download a FREE Download Manager from http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/.


NEW! Download Our New MegaSceneryEarth Install Manager For One-Click Installation And Uninstallation. DOWNLOAD HERE. 1.7 Mb

1. Each area you order will have multiple download links. One for each installer. State areas are broken down into installers of around 1 Gb for ease of download.

2. Create a folder on your hard drive where you will download your scenery to.

3. Click on the download link in your e-mail. If your internet browser prompts you to save or open your file, select SAVE and save to the folder you created or if you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer, ensure you know where it is placing your downloads. If in doubt, use Internet Explorer.

4. Each area you download is a zip file. If you are going to use MegaSceneryEarth Scenery Install Manager to install your scenery you do not need to unzip the files. If you wish to manually install using option 6 below then you will need to unzip each file using the Windows Extract File feature or a 3rd party product such as 7-ZIP (FREE from www.7-zip.org). For easiest installation we suggest that you do use MegaSceneryEarth Scenery Install Manager.

5. Each state has multiple installers (multiple zip files). For example if you downloaded Maryland_Setup_001.zip - when it is unzipped you will have the file Maryland_Setup_001.exe - this is one of the installers. In the case of Maryland there will be 5 total installers: Maryland_Setup_001.exe, Maryland_Setup_002.exe, Maryland_Setup_003.exe, Maryland_Setup_004.exe, Maryland_Setup_005.exe.

6. Without MegaSceneryEarth Install Manager. After you have unzipped the installers simply double-click on each installer to install your scenery. If you downloaded more than one area you can actually install multiple areas simultaneously if you wish to save time. In the case of the above Maryland example, you will have downloaded 5 ZIP files to give you 5 installers.

7. With MegaSceneryEarth Install Manager. After you have downloaded the installers simply copy MegaSceneryEarthInstallManager.exe into that same folder containing all zip files. Then double-click on MegaSceneryEarthInstallManager.exe and follow onscreen instructions.

Note: MegaSceneryEarth Scenery Install Manager will work with both .zip and .exe files. If you are using it to install from zip files it will delete the zip file after it's automatic extraction but it will keep the .exe file.  You should keep your .exe files for future installation convenience in the event that you need to reinstall your scenery.

The fact that most users are now using fast broadband connections is what makes MegaSceneryEarth a possibility to all.

Please use this guide as the time taken to download each 1 Gigabyte of scenery. If an area is 500 Mb, then halve the values. If an area is 2 Gb, double it. The servers delivering your downloads are state-of-the-art and will be able to serve up your files as fast as you can download them. Using a download manager with resume functionality improves your download experience

50 MBPs Cable Modem: 3 minutes
20 MBPs Cable Modem: 6 minutes
10 MBPs Cable Modem:
15 minutes
5 MBPs Cable Modem:
30 minutes
640K DSL: 3 hours 45 minutes
1.5 DSL: 1 hour 30 minutes
Note: Most US households running Comcast, Time Warner or similar provider are on anywhere between 5 MBps and 50 or more MBPs depending upon your plan


Simply Call 1-800-664-0033 10 am to 4 pm Mon to Fri USA Eastern Time

Our telephone operators will place your order online on your behalf. The rest of the process will proceed as per the ordering online method above.


If you prefer to not use your credit card online, then you can still order and mail a check. Simply place your order online and select Pay By Check. Your order will go into queued status.

Then, mail your check or money order to:

PC Aviator Inc
PO Box 276
LORIS SC 29569

As soon as we receive your payment, we will release your order online and you will receive your download links or we will send your DVD's if you ordered them.


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