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If you have a broadband internet connection (cable, DSL or fiber optic) then use the Instant Download service. If you are on dial-up, have bandwidth usage limitations, or simply prefer not to download, then you can use our on-demand DVD mastering service.

MegaSceneryEarth 2.0

Sold on a Per State basis. States vary in price according to their size from $9.95 to $99.95 (most titles are $29.95 & $39.95).


Your scenery is delivered electronically i.e. you will download your purchase. If you do not wish to download see the next section and order a DVD Disc Set for your scenery. You will receive a download link regardless however just wait for your disks to arrive in the mail. Your download links for your order will remain active permanently.

DVD Backup & Mastering Service

If you do not wish to undertake the large downloads of MegaSceneryEarth areas or if you are on a dial-up connection you can take advantage of our DVD Backup and Mastering service and order a DVD disk set.

If you select this option, we will create a DVD disc set of the tiles you ordered and mail them to you.

Pricing for DVD backup and mastering includes postage (both domestic USA and International) and runs on average $2.00 per disc all inclusive i.e. including shipping. There are no additional shipping charges. Please note that most states are multiple disc sets. A 5 disk set for example will cost $10 extra on top of the price of the download. This is a very fair price and pretty much covers our costs for discs, replication time, mailers and mail costs.

Your disks are created using our inhouse professional grade DVD replicators.

NEW! USB Flash Drive Service Also Now Available

As an alternative to DVD's, we now offer a service of sending you backup/masters of your scenery on USB2.0 Flash Drives. We are able to do this now that Flash Drive prices have fallen significantly. You will note that the Flash Drive service is a little more expensive than the DVDs but you ARE also getting a flash drive (at our cost price) to keep but with the option of returning it for a full refund on the value of the flash drive.

When you choose the Flash Drive ordering option for your order you will also see a refundable amount. This is how much we will refund you when you return the drive. If you ordered at a discount e.g. 10% off Tuesday, then we will refund you 90% of the value listed.

To obtain a refund you must of course return the flash drive to us. We will refund you upon receipt of the flash drive. Please note we are not responsible for any flash drives getting lost in the mail on return to us. If it gets lost we're sorry but you have to bear that cost. So please ensure that you have a tracking number if you are concerned about the flash drive being lost.

To arrange return of a flash drive, please contact us first by e-mail at support@megasceneryearth.com. State your order number and we will issue you an RMA and return address.

Before you return the flash drive, please ensure that you have made your own copy of the data that is on it. It will be expensive buying it again.

Of course you can also keep the flash drive. That is the intent behind offering you the scenery on a flash drive so you have a convenient original source for future reinstallation if needed. We think you will enjoy that service.

USA Customers: Please allow 7 to 14 days for delivery of DVDs and Flash Drives

International Customers: Please allow 14 to 28 days for delivery of DVDs and Flash Drives

If you change your mind about delivery method.

If you ordered the Download Delivery Only option and decided after you ordered that you want to order the disc set instead, your download links will have a link where you can order disks for your order.

If You Order "Download Only Option" Avoid Inconvenience In The Future By Creating Your Own DVD Backups Or Storing Your Downloads On An External Drive

It isn't difficult to create your own backups of your downloads. Simply purchase a pack of blank DVDs and copy your downloads to those DVDs. If anything goes wrong with your system and you lose your data, it's much more convenient to just retrieve your files from your DVDs than having to redownload. Avoiding redownloads minimizes unnecessary loads on our server and keeps everyone's experience at our website a pleasant one. It also helps us keep our costs low as exceeding bandwidth limits set by ISPs can be expensive for those offering web services.

See above, if you don't want to create your own we can create them for you. Simply select your preferred DVD option when you order each area.

Alternatively you can store your downloaded files on a spare external hard drive.

*Prices are subject to change without notice


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