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  System Requirements
Note: MegaSceneryEarth gives you the most realistic visual scenery possible by today's technology for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D.

Scenery Resolution: Original imagery is captured at 50 cm to 2 meters per pixel. They are resampled to display in FSX at 1.19 meters per pixel.

To use MegaSceneryEarth you will need the following system requirements:
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X (preferably running SP2 and/or Acceleration) or Prepar3D Version 1.XX or Prepar3D V2.XX
  • Windows 8 (any version), Windows 7 (any version), Vista (any version)/XP (any version).
  • 32 bit and 64 bit Windows are both fully supported. if you are running Windows 7 or Vista, please TURN OFF "USER ACCOUNT CONTROL". This feature of Win 7 & Vista can affect installation of a number of programs.
  • Any system capable of running Microsoft Flight Simulator X
  • 1 Gb RAM as a minimum but we recommend 2 Gb or more.
Note on framerates: It is a myth that photo-scenery slows framerates. The reality is quite the opposite! Photo-scenery such as MegaScenery actually increases your framerates. With regular scenery, your processor has to compute the manipulation of enormous numbers of polygons thus slowing down framerates. With photoscenery, the processor is only computing the manipulation of a 2D bitmap which is far less processor intensive.

So while it might take a little longer to commence your flight due to initial scenery loading, MegaScenery actually increases framerates compared with default flight simulator scenery when you are actually flying. The result for you is a much more fluid and smoother flying experience.

Compatibility with other add ons: MegaSceneryEarth is fully compatible with all other Flight Simulator Addons. If you are running other texture, scenery or terrain mesh products, MegaScenery will take precedence when you are in the area where MegaScenery exists. Other texture products will stop displaying at the MegaScenery boundary. We cannot guarantee perfect results with 3rd party terrain mesh products where runways "may" show up at incorrect altitudes.

Other Installation Items: MegaSceneryEarth installation is foolproof. It does nothing more than copy scenery files to your hard drive, update the Flight Simulator Scenery X Library and Update Graphics Options (if you choose that feature at installation time). Our most common technical question is: "I am not seeing any difference". If you don't think you are seeing any difference in your scenery, check your Scenery Library in Flight simulator X. If there is a MegaScenery entry then it is displaying correctly. When in doubt, while you are flying, go into your scenery library and deactivate MegaScenery. When you see the older default scenery you will clearly see the difference. If still in doubt, uninstall and reinstall your MegaScenery.

If ever you uninstall MegaScenery ensure that you use the uninstaller (In the start menu or control panel) so that MegaScenery can remove its entries from the Flight Simulator Scenery Library. If you do not uninstall correctly you will get annoying errors of "scenery not found in scenery library" however your Flight Simulator will continue to run correctly. These errors can be eliminated by editing scenery.cfg in the FSX folder using a normal text editor. Simply remove the offending area numbers.


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