Flight Simulation's Most Prolific Aerial PhotoScenery! 

4,500,000 square miles and counting!

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Enjoy The Best Flight Sim Scenery Graphics With Large Scale, Real World, Aerial Photo VFR Scenery And.... With Smoother Framerates!

It Makes You Feel Like You Are Flying In That Part Of The World Like No Other Scenery Addon Can.
For Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX), FSX:  Steam Edition and Prepar3D Versions 1.X, 2.X, 3.X & 4.X. Each title you  purchase installs into all six flight sims.

Now Fly All The Places You've Always Dreamed Of Flying, Including Your Home State or Country,
In Hyper-Real Photographic Detail With The World's Most Realistic And Largest Collection of  Photo-Scenery,
Created From High Resolution Aerial Photography, For Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

Get Ready To Now Fly With Purpose and  Meaning On Cross Country Flights, "TRUE VFR",
Where Everything You See On The  Ground In Your Flight Sim Is What You See In Real Life.
You Will Even Be Able To See The Rooftop Of Your Own Home.
And It's Just As Good For High Altitude Jet Flying As It Is With Light GA Aircraft!

Flying With Such Realism Does NOT Mean A Performance Hit Either...
Framerates With MegaSceneryEarth Are Actually Smoother Than Default Scenery. 

.... And Ordering Your MegaSceneryEarth Scenery Is Easy. 

Simply.... CHOOSE=>BUY=>DOWNLOAD=>FLY! And you'll usually be flying within  an hour or two.
DVD Versions Also  Available