Enhance MegaSceneryEarth

Further Enhance Your MegaSceneryEarth with airport addons for Microsoft Flight Simulator And Prepar3D that will make your MegaSceneryEarth experience even more realistic.

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Below is a list of highly detailed, almost true-to-life airports created by other developers and available from our sister site PC Aviator. All are available as instant download, so you'll be enjoying your MegaSceneryEarth with enhanced specific airports within just a few minutes.

Note: You will get the best result when these are above your MegaSceneryEarth entry in your scenery library.

Last updated: 3 April 2018

 AirportBy Enhances VIEW
Huntsville International Airport (KHSV) FSXScenery AlabamaVIEW
Phoenix Mesa GatewayFSXSceneryArizonaVIEW
 Marble Canyon Airport (L41) Crazy CreativesArizonaVIEW
Mega Airport Brussels XAerosoftBelgiumVIEW
Metropolitan Oakland (KOAK) FSXSceneryCaliforniaVIEW
Big Bear City (L35) Just FlightCaliforniaVIEW
Palo Alto Airport (KPAO) CielosimCaliforniaVIEW
Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX)FS DreamteamCaliforniaVIEW
San Diego Lindbergh International Airport V2 (KSAN)LatinVFRCaliforniaVIEW
Catalina Island Airport (KAVX)Sim720CaliforniaVIEW
Orange County John Wayne Airport KSNA LatinVFRCaliforniaVIEW
McClellan-Palomar KCROSim720CaliforniaVIEW
 Sacramento International AerosoftCaliforniaVIEW
Santa Barbara Airport KSBASim720CaliforniaVIEW
Van Nuys Airport (KVNY)FSX Photoreal SceneryCaliforniaVIEW
City Of Colorado Springs (KCOS)FSXSceneryColoradoVIEW
US Air Force Academy (KAFF)FSXSceneryColoradoVIEW
Bradley International  (KBDL) FSXScenery ConnecticutVIEW
 Hartford Brainard (KHFD) FSXScenery ConnecticutVIEW
Conington AirfieldJustFlightEngland & WalesVIEW
London City Airport XAerosoftEngland & WalesVIEW
 Manchester XAerosoftEngland & WalesVIEW
Mega Airport London Heathrow ExtendedAerosoftEngland & WalesVIEW
East London AirportNMGEngland & WalesVIEW
 Daytona Beach International X AerosoftFloridaVIEW
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport (KFLL)FS DreamteamFloridaVIEW
Fort Myers International (KRSW)LatinVFRFloridaVIEW
Jacksonville International (KJAX) CielosimFloridaVIEW
Marathon Florida Keys (KMTH)FSXSceneryFloridaVIEW
Miami International Airport V4 (KMIA)LatinVFRFloridaVIEW
Lakeland Linder International (KLAL) FSXSceneryFloridaVIEW
Key West International AirportLatinVFRFloridaVIEW
Orlando Executive Airport (KORL) FSXScenery FloridaVIEW
Orlando Sanford International (KSFB) FSXScenery FloridaVIEW
Palm Beach International (KPBI) FSXScenery FloridaVIEW
St Pete Clearwater (KPIE) FSXSceneryFloridaVIEW
Pensacola International Airport KPNSSX Airport DesignFloridaVIEW
The Heart Of Georgia Airport (KEZM)The Airport GuysGeorgiaVIEW
Augusta Regional Airport (KAGS)Sim720GeorgiaVIEW
Savannah/Hilton Head International (KSAV) FSXSceneryGeorgiaVIEW
 German Airports 2 Aerosoft GermanyVIEW
Andras Field Aerosoft GermanyVIEW
 Erfurt X Aerosoft GermanyVIEW
Frankfurt-Egelsbach X Aerosoft GermanyVIEW
 German Airfields 1 Aerosoft GermanyVIEW
 German Airfields 3 Aerosoft GermanyVIEW
 German Airfields 9 Aerosoft GermanyVIEW
 German Airfields 11 Aerosoft GermanyVIEW
 Hannover X Aerosoft GermanyVIEW
 Maastricht-Aachen X Aerosoft GermanyVIEW
Mega Airport Berlin-Brandenberg Aerosoft GermanyVIEW
 Mega Airport Dusseldorf Aerosoft GermanyVIEW
 Mega Airport Frankfurt Aerosoft GermanyVIEW
 Mega Airport Munich Aerosoft GermanyVIEW
 Paderborn-Lippstadt X Aerosoft GermanyVIEW
 Stuttgart X Aerosoft GermanyVIEW
Hawaii Dillingham XAerosoftHawaiiVIEW
Hawaiian Airports Volume 1FS DreamteamHawaiiVIEW
Hawaiian Airports Volume 2FS DreamteamHawaiiVIEW
Honolulu International Airport (PHNL)FS DreamteamHawaiiVIEW
Grand Forks International (KGFK)FSX SceneryIdahoVIEW
Magic Valley Regional (KTWF)FSX SceneryIdahoVIEW
Pocatello Regional Airport (KPIH)FSX SceneryIdahoVIEW
O'Hare International Airport (KORD)FS Dreamteam IllinoisVIEW
Chicago Rockford International (KRFD) FSXScenery IllinoisVIEW
Decatur Airport (KDEC) FSXScenery IllinoisVIEW
Central Illinois Regional Airport (KBMI) FSXScenery IllinoisVIEW
Greenwood Municipal Airport (KHFY) FSXSceneryIndianaVIEW
DreamScenery Indianapolis International Airport XDreamsceneryIndianaVIEW
Des Moines International FSXScenery IowaVIEW
Sioux City (KSUX) FSXScenery IowaVIEW
Cork Airport (EICK) Eiresim IrelandVIEW
 Dublin Airport Scenery Eiresim IrelandVIEW
 Dublin International AirportFWI IrelandVIEW
 Mega Airport Dublin Aerosoft IrelandVIEW
 Bari X Aerosoft ItalyVIEW
 Bergamo X Aerosoft ItalyVIEW
 Bologna X Aerosoft ItalyVIEW
 Corfu X Aerosoft ItalyVIEW
 Genoa X Aerosoft ItalyVIEW
 Mega Airport ROME Aerosoft ItalyVIEW
Milano Milpensae X Aerosoft ItalyVIEW
 Napoli X Aerosoft ItalyVIEW
Rome Ciampino X Aerosoft ItalyVIEW
 Louisville International FSDreamTeam KentuckyVIEW
New Orleans Louis Armstrong International FSimstudios LouisianaVIEW
Shreveport Regional Airport (KSHV) FSXScenery LouisianaVIEW
1st Maine Regional Airport Pack FSXSceneryMaineVIEW
2nd Maine Regional Airport Pack FSXSceneryMaineVIEW
Portland Maine Jetport (PWM) FSimstudiosMaineVIEW
 Mega Airport Boston Logan Aerosoft MassachusettsVIEW
Martha's Vineyard FSXScenery MassachusettsVIEW
 Nantucket Island Just Flight MassachusettsVIEW
Detroit City Airport (KDET) FSXScenery MichiganVIEW
Great Falls (KGTF) FSXScenery MontanaVIEW
Dutch AirportsAerosoftNetherlandsVIEW
Lelystad XAerosoftNetherlandsVIEW
Mega Airport AmsterdamAerosoftNetherlandsVIEW
Rotterdam XAerosoftNetherlandsVIEW
Weeze XAerosoftNetherlandsVIEW
Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (KLAS)FS DreamteamNevadaVIEW
1st New Hampshire Regional Airport Pack FSXSceneryNew HampshireVIEW
Atlantic City International (KACY) FSXSceneryNew JerseyVIEW
Newark Liberty International (KEWR) Final Approach SimNew JerseyVIEW
Los Alamos (KLAM) FSXSceneryNew MexicoVIEW
New York Airports XDrzewiecki DesignNew York/New JerseyVIEW
New York JFK International Airport V2 (KJFK)FS DreamteamNew YorkVIEW
 Greater Rochester Airport (KROC) FSXSceneryNew YorkVIEW
Stewart International (KSWF) FSXSceneryNew YorkVIEW
Westchester County Airport (KHPN) FSXSceneryNew YorkVIEW
Craven County Regional (KEWN)FSXScenery North CarolinaVIEW
 Raleigh Durham International LatinVFR North CarolinaVIEW
 Charlotte Kaleem Beats North CarolinaVIEW
Charlotte Douglas International (KCLT)FS Dreamteam North CarolinaVIEW
Bismarck Municipal Airport (KBIS)FSXScenery  North DakotaVIEW
 Minot International Airport (KMOT)FSXScenery  North DakotaVIEW
1st Ohio Regional Airport Pack FSXScenery OhioVIEW
2nd Ohio Regional Airport Pack FSXScenery OhioVIEW
Akron Canton Airport (KCAK) FSXScenery OhioVIEW
Port Columbus International (KCMH) FSXScenery OhioVIEW
Lorain County Airport (KLPR) FSXScenery OhioVIEW
Oklahoma City Airport (KOKC) FSXScenery OklahomaVIEW
North American Airstrips Volume 1MCA DesignsOregonVIEW
Portland Oregon (KPDX) FSXSceneryOregonVIEW
San Juan International (TJSJ) Latin VFR Puerto RicoVIEW
Lehigh Valley International (KABE) FSXScenery PennsylvaniaVIEW
 Faro XAerosoftPortugalVIEW
Mega Airport Lisbon X Version 2AerosoftPortugalVIEW
Myrtle Beach 2012 (KMYR)The Airport GuysSouth CarolinaVIEW
Rapid City Regional Airport (KRAP)FSXScenerySouth DakotaVIEW
 Mega Airport Barcelona XAerosoft SpainVIEW
 Mega Airport Madrid XAerosoft SpainVIEW
 Spanish AirfieldsAerosoft SpainVIEW
 Valencia XAerosoft SpainVIEW
Airport Sion XAerosoftSwitzerlandVIEW
Mega Airport Zürich 2012 (LSGG)AerosoftSwitzerlandVIEW
Geneva Cointrin International Airport (LSGG)FS DreamteamSwitzerlandVIEW
Zurich Kloten Airport (LSZH)FS DreamteamSwitzerlandVIEW
Lovell Field (KCHA) FSXScenery TennesseeVIEW
Memphis International (KMEM) FSDreamTeam TennesseeVIEW
Nashville International Airport (KBNA)SX Airport Design TennesseeVIEW
Tri-Cities Regional Airport (KTRI) FSXScenery TennesseeVIEW
Corpus Christi International (KCRP) FSXSceneryTexasVIEW
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (KDFW)FS DreamteamTexasVIEW
Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport (KIAH)FS DreamteamTexasVIEW
San Antonio International (KSAT) Kings SceneriesTexasVIEW
 Burlington International Airport FSXScenery VermontVIEW
Lynchburg Regional (KLYH) FSXScenery VirginiaVIEW
 Norfolk International AirportSX Airport Design VirginiaVIEW
Richmond International (KRIC) FSXScenery VirginiaVIEW
Seattle Airports XDrzwwiecki DesignWashingtonVIEW