Large Black Squares Appear In Your Scenery

This is caused by an outdated terrain.dll file and is fixed by either installing FSX Acceleration Pack or SP1 and SP2 below.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X Service Packs 1 and 2

For MegaSceneryEarth (or any photoscenery) to display properly in FSX, you need to either have Acceleration pack installed or FSX Service Pack 2.   These updates install the latest version of the terrain.dll engine required to display MegaSceneryEarth (or any other  photoscenery)   correctly. The most obvious symptom if you don't have  these are large  black or badly colored squares over your terrain.  Please note that to   install SP2 you have to install FSX Service Pack 1 first.

You can download these service packs here:

FSX Service Pack 1
207 Mb

FSX Service Pack 2
164 Mb