New MegaSceneryEarth Website Now Live

Feb 18, 2018

We've just launched the new MegaSceneryEarth website powered by X-Cart 5, one of the best shopping cart systems around, and on brand new powerful servers configured to meet the ever growing high bandwidth requirements to meet the needs of our growing customer base.

More and more flight simmers are choosing MegaSceneryEarth as their scenery of choice for larger areas over products that try to make scenery look more realistic over larger areas but still continue to be generic repeating "not real" representations of the world beneath their aircraft. MegaSceneryEarth however, as our customers know, is the real world, and every square mile in the world beneath your aircraft is unique and real as you see and navigate by landmarks and scenery you see in the real world.

We've now completed the lower 48 US states in our version 3 builds and if you have been waiting, you can now order regional areas at a 25% discount over regular pricing.

All version 3 scenery uses the latest aerial imagery from 2015 and 2016 and it won't be long before we start delivering MegaSceneryEarth in even more recent 2017 aerial photography. As time goes buy the aerial photography tools and techniques improve and therefore, so too does the quality of our MegaScenery.

When you get a moment, please pay a visit to and see the new site and what's on offer. Our new shopping system allows us to give you free downloads that enhance areas conveniently right on the product page. For example we can now easily offer demos of areas. We have created one already for Arizona V3, so visit that page at and download the demo. You can also download for free PDF charts for every state right on the home page for that state.

We've got big plans for flight sim's largest collection of photoscenery available in the upcoming months and trust that you will visit us regularly or have a good close read of our e-mail notices to see what's on offer at MegaSceneryEarth.

So take a moment now to visit our new site by following this link to:

The MegaSceneryEarth Crew