New Mexico 4X 60 cm Ultra Res Released

Oct 11, 2019

We've officially released the largest 60 cm ultra res photo scenery ever released with the massive 121,000 square mile state of New Mexico all entire at 60 cm per pixel and also from the latest high quality 2018 aerial photography of the state.

This desert state gives you so much gorgeous scenery at this ultra high 60 cm resolution for hours upon hours of flying in a scenery that is as close to the real world as you can get.

The greatest thing is that we have managed to keep the pricing the same as the previous V3 titles and we have commensurately reduced the price of all V3 titles by 25%.

New Mexico is available right now by instant download for $39.95. Owners of any previous New Mexico titles get a 25% upgrade discount. We have sent a coupon out to all customers. If you did not receive it, please contact us here

Please note that it is a massive download at 210 Gb. For those who don't want to download we can send you a 256 Gb flash drive with the scenery for an extra $49.95. The flash drive is yours to keep or you can return it for a $30 refund.

Here's a screenshot of New Mexico 4X 60 cm Ultra Res. You can click on it to go direct to the information page.