USA Eastern

This Eastern USA Bundle gives you all 26 states east of The Mississippi River.

  • Alabama
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Massachusetts
  • Maryland
  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • Vermont
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin

You get a total area of 959,000 square miles of contiguous scenery as well as all the VFR and IFR charts for each state.

The individually purchased priced is normally $591.25. You save 41% ($242.52) and pay just $349.00

Data Size: 617,000 Gb

Download Time (1 Gb, 300, 100, 50 MBPs):  96 Min, 319 Min, 16 Hours, 32 Hours


Due to each state having its own license number you will need to add each item to your cart individually. This can be done very quickly by clicking on the shopping bag below each of the 26 product boxes belowWhen all 26 states have been added your discount will automatically become 37%. 

Please  note that this title is an enormous download at over 617 Gb. While your order will be downloadable, we recommend that you consider the hard drive option. This is the most convenient option and helps you avoid having  your home internet connection occupied with this massive download. If you choose, you can return the hard drive for a refund on the value of the hard drive $120. We charge a small $30 fee for preparation of the hard drive. We offer a single standard size of 4 Tb since it is the best value for money. You will have over 2.5 Tb spare for other uses. e.g. as a place to backup all your flight sim download purchases.


When you order a hard drive we provide you with 2 sets of data:

1.  We provide hard drive files as installer for each state in  each states individual folder so you will need to install all states  individually. This will create 26 individual State scenery folders along  with 26 entries in your scenery library. These will be in a folder called Installers.

2. We also add another folder with ALL scenery BGL files already extracted in the one folder called MegaSceneryEarth/USAEAST/Scenery. All you will have to do when you receive  the drive is add a simple entry into your Scenery Library either reading the scenery directly from the high performance USB drive - or  you can copy the entire contents to a regular internal hard drive with one simple file copy followed by one simple entry to your scenery library.

If you don't want either of those two data sets on the hard drive, you can delete which one you don't want.

Special offers
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SKU Product name   Price  
DL-MSEV3-TN Tennessee V3
  • $22.95
DL-MSEV3-KY Kentucky V3
  • $22.95
DL-MSEV3-WV West Virginia V3
  • $22.95
DL-MSEV3-MA Massachusetts V3
  • $19.95
DL-MSEV3-NH New Hampshire V3
  • $14.95
DL-MSEV3-VT Vermont V3
  • $14.95
DL-MSEV3-CT Connecticut V3
  • $9.95
DL-MSEV3-IN Indiana V3
  • $22.95
DL-MSEV3-MS Mississippi V3
  • $22.95
DL-MSEV3-ME Maine V3
  • $22.95
DL-MSEV3-VA Virginia V3
  • $22.95
DL-MSEV3-RI Rhode Island V3
  • $5.95
DL-MSEV3-NC North Carolina V3
  • $29.95
DL-MSEV3-MI Michigan V3
  • $29.95
HD-SG4TB Seagate 4 Tb USB3 Portable Hard Drive
  • $150.00
DL-MSEV3-FL17 Florida V3 (2017)
  • $29.95
DL-MSEV3-IL17 Illinois V3 (2017)
  • $29.95
DL-MSEV3-DE17 Delaware V3 (2017)
  • $0.00
DL-MSEV3-NJ17 New Jersey V3 (2017)
  • $19.95
DL-MSEV3-PA17 Pennsylvania V3 (2017)
  • $29.95
DL-MSEV3-NY17 New York V3 (2017)
  • $29.95
DL-MSEV3-SC17 South Carolina V3 (2017)
  • $22.95
DL-MSEV3-AL17 Alabama V3 (2017)
  • $22.95
DL-MSEV3-GA17 Georgia V3 (2017)
  • $29.95
DL-MSEV3-WI17 Wisconsin V3 (2017)
  • $29.95
DL-MSEV3-OH17 Ohio V3 (2017)
  • $29.95
DL-MSEV3-MN17 Minnesota V3 (2017)
  • $29.95
DL-MSEV3-MD17 Maryland V3 (2017)
  • $19.95