Technical Support & FAQ

General Support Items

  1. Large Black Squares Appear In Your Scenery

  2. Large Stripes Of Default Scenery Within Your State

Download and Installation Guide

  1. Download and installation guide and most common issues

  2. License key and activation guide

  3. How to backup your scenery

Performance Enhancing and Tweaking Tutorials

  1. Scenery Interlacing (document) (video)
    A technique to double, triple, or quadruple scenery loading performance

  2. LOD_RADIUS And How To Change It To Make A Huge Difference To Your Scenery Clarity 
    NEW! The LOD_Radius setting in FSX is limited to 4.5. You can manually override it so that high resolution textures appear around a larger radius around your aircraft and into the distance. This makes a HUGE difference and can be the difference between you being delighted with MegaSceneryEarth or disappointed.

How To...

  1. How To Manually Add To Prepar3D V4 Scenery Library
  2. How To Fix Scenery.CFG Errors
  3. How To Manually Optimize FSX Settings To Display MegaScenery (or any other photoscenery) OR to do it automatically use our  NEW SCENERY OPTIMIZER Utility (1.5 Mb). Note: If you receive a security warning from Internet  Explorer and cannot run the file from within IE, download this  ZIP version and save to your PC which you can then unzip and run.
  4. How To Manually Add And Remove MegaSceneryEarth From Your Scenery Library in FSX
  5. A Must-Have FREE UTILITY for helping you with items 1 and 4 above. FSX Scenery Config Toolbox. You can download it FREE here


  7. How To Move MegaSceneryEarth To Another Drive (document) (video)