4X Ultra Res States

Resolution - 60 cm 4X Ultra Res

Fly the entire USA lower 48 states in spectacular 60 cm 4X Ultra Res photoreal detail on your FSX and Prepar3D

We began the release of this 4X 60 cm Ultra Resolution scenery in October 2019. The states will become available as they are released so this category will be gradually populated with the latest 4X 60 cm Ultra Res releases.

The pricing of these titles remains the same as the previous 1.2 meter resolution titles which have now been reduced by 25%. 

Remember... instant download means instant download. Your scenery is available for download as soon as you complete your payment. With today's fast connections, you'll be flying the states you order within the hour.

Since these titles are 4 times the resolution as the previous releases, they also occupy 4 times the amount of data on your hard drive and also to download.

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DL-MSEV4X-NM New Mexico 4X 60 cm Ultra Res
  • $39.95
DL-MSEV4X-UT Utah 4X 60 cm Ultra Res
  • $39.95
DL-MSEV4X-MO Missouri 4X 60 cm Ultra Res
  • $29.95
DL-MSEV4X-CO Colorado 4X 60 cm Ultra Res
  • $39.95