New breakthrough image processing for MegaSceneryEarth

Jul 10, 2018

We're pleased to let you know about our new proprietary breakthrough image processing system that we will be implementing and applying to MegaSceneryEarth.

The new image processing system has been developed inhouse and achieves the following:

1. Brings out much more authentic colors
2. Increases the sense of presence in the real world and
3. Results in almost seamless borders between states.

This is no mean feat considering aerial photographs for such a large country as the USA are taken by a number of different providers at different times of the year using different equipment. We've managed to be able to significantly standardize image quality, realism and consistency, despite all the variation introduced by these major variables.

As you are aware, MegaSceneryEarth for the USA is a gargantuan project of 3.5 million square miles so we can't update it all instantly overnight. Each state, especially the larger ones take days of multiple computers processing data 24/7.

So far we have updated the following states and if you own any of them you can download them free of charge now.

Florida V3 2017
Vermont V3
New Hampshire V3
Massachusetts V3
Connecticut V3
Rhode Island V3
West Virginia V3
Delaware V3 2017

We expect to have reworked the entire USA within the next 120 days. We will post each title as we complete it and send notices to all purchasers of each title.

If you purchased any of these above titles, you can download those free of charge now by logging into your account at or - search your order history for those titles and then redownload and install.

The images below give you an indication of what MegaSceneryEarth will look like going forward.

Florida V3 2017

West Virginia V3

New York (This is the coloring of the New York V3 2017 that will be released in around 7 days)

This image shows the virtually seamless bordering between states. Note: Some distant states (WV and FL) have been sliced and moved up to show the consistency.